This repository collects, preserves and provides access to digital materials of students' works. At present, the collections in this repository consist of post graduate’s theses & dissertations of IIUM students, from 1987 onwards. For better experience of one stop search for more library collections, contents of IIUM Student Repository are also recoverable by EDS on the Library Discovery here. This repository is managed by Access & Metadata Unit, Knowledge Resources Development Section, Dar al-Hikmah Library. Any inquiries can be forwarded to studentrepo@iium.edu.my.

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1. This repository contains the IIUM students’ works especially masters and doctoral theses and including project papers. IIUM community, i.e., staff can access the full text of materials in this repository by signing in using the IIUM email username and password. IIUM students need to sign in using username and password as in the iMa’luum Portal.
2. In general, public users can have access to the first 24 pages of all theses. As for the full text, public users have access only to titles which have been declared open by the rightful owner of the copyright.
3. Theses/dissertations prior to the approval of the IIUM Open Access Policy (i.e., mostly submitted before year 2021) are exclusively accessible in full text to IIUM community only.
4. Restricted items can be requested by clicking the “Request a Copy” button. Only the rightful owner of the copyright can provide the full text copy to the requester.
5. All enquiries can be forwarded to the email studentrepo@iium.edu.my.