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2019Accuracy and adequacy of fluoroscopic assissted percutaneous transpedicular biopsy in comparison to CT guided percutaneous transpedicular biopsy in spinal lesionsAbdullah A Rahim 
2021Adaptive language processing unit for Malaysian sign language synthesizerMaarif, Haris Al Qodri
2014Administration of Baitulmal of Federal Territories : its practices and challengesLiyana Al-Hany binti Abdul Halim 
2019The administration of unclaimed estates in West Malaysia : formulating a legal frameworkRahmawati binti Mohd Yusoff
2005The Administrative problems of Islamic family law and inheritance in ThailandCheha, Muhammadzakee 
2021Adoption of cloud health information systems among healthcare professionals in PakistanAnwar, Muzaffar Hussain Alias Imran 
2020Affordable housing in Kabul City: issues and challengesAbrar, Nahzatullah ; Abrar, Nahzatullah 
2021Agarwood extract loaded poly(vinyl alcohol)(PVA)electrospun fibre as halal biomaterial for wound healingNajihah Mohd Noor 
2019Amalan langgam kato nan ampek di kalangan seniman dan budayawan Minangkabau masa kiniDirwan Ahmad Darwis 
2020Analysis and assessment of a small capacity horizontal axis wind turbine : Comoros Island case studySaid, Ali 
2020Analysis and implementation of 2D slam algorithms for indoor mobile robotsMotan, Imaad-ud-din 
2020An analysis of permissible food and beverages according to halal and kashrut from Islamic perspectiveHariati Abubakar 
2020An analysis of policy implementation of counter violent extremism (CVE) in MalaysiaRaja Muhammad Khairul Akhtar Raja Mohd Naguib 
2019An analysis of regulatory and governance reform in the banking industry in Indonesia after the financial crisis of 1997/1998Aryatie, Indira Retno 
2020An analysis of the effectiveness of the internal shariah audit function in Malaysian Islamic financial institutionsNur Laili binti Ab Ghani 
2020Analysis of the qur'anic methodology of da'wah for the contemporary western contextKarimian, Nasser 
2020Analysis of visually impaaired people's static tactile graphics perception based on computer vision system using colour markers detection methodMuhammad Ikmal Hakim Shamsul Bahrin 
2020Analytical and numerical development on the indentation mechanism in a rotary hammer forging processAlazemi, Saud F E M D 
2020An annotated translation of Hamka's "Tasauf Moderen"Azizah Rahmad 
2020An annotation on Batu Acheh Islamic gravestones in Pulau Pinang, MalaysiaMuhammad Nabil Ahmad Nadri